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Dog Walks, Pet Sitting, and overnight care

Dog Walks

We offer  Private Dog Walks! These are one on one walks perfect for pups that need more attention, have anxiety, nervous/fearful around other dogs or who are very strong pullers.  We offer private walks throughout Manhattan, we do not service above West 160th st. Find out more here!

Group Walks , our group walks are 2-4 friendly pups that live nearby each other. Group walks are perfect for amiable pups that enjoy the company of other dogs. We offer it in select areas within the Manhattan. Find out more here!

Pet Sitting for Dogs (In your home only)

Per Hour

30 Minute Check In


A longer checking, perfect for families who may be away for a few hours at a time. Walk time is limited to 15 minutes per hour. So If you book a sitter for 3 hours, they will walk your pup  up to 45 minutes long. We also feed, play , and keep your pup company. 

Additional $5 for every pup after first.

A quick check up in your home for your pups. Recommended for pups that need very short walks. Feeding  provided too, play time if available.
Additional $5 for every pup after first.

Day Time Care

$65- $105 Per Day

Available in 10 hour shifts. For example a sitter will come in to your home from 9 am and leave at 7 pm. Perfect for families who will be away all day and who's pets will be fine alone in the evenings. We feed, look after your pet, and provide as much walks and dog run trips as necessary. Check-ins and personal messages from sitters as often as requested.

Overnight Care

24 Hour Care

65$ Per night

Your sitter comes in the evening at about 7 pm. Gives your pup an evening walk and dinner. Then sleeps in your home over night. In the morning your pup will receive a morning walk and breakfast before the sitter departs.

$85- $125 per 24 hours

We stay at your home while you are out of town.  This includes everything included in Daytime Care and Overnight Care. Its best for clients who will be away for some days.
Check-ins and personal messages from sitters as often as requested.
Discount available for multiple days.

Weekends/After Hours/Holiday Charges

We typically do not offer full day/ overnight/ 24 hour care  pet sitting  on major holidays.  We still do offer limited 30 minute and 1 hour pet sits depending on  our availability. For more information check this out.