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Why your cat needs to take a walk.

According to recent studies overwhelming amounts of cat experts sight the need for cat to have exercise throughout the day.

                Pictured: Cat Expert

You are busy!

Chances are you've been spending much of your time home catching up on Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube. But what about your cat? Between all the work , family responsibilities and Hulu, who will look in on your cat? Your cat needs physical and mental stimulation. How would you feel having to watch reruns of your albeit favorite human (hooman) channel all day? You would desire to see changes new characters, plots, etc. Whether it is buying your cat a new toy, bringing home a big empty amazon box, or adding shelves for floating kitty towers mental stimulation must be delivered. And as busy working New Yorkers, we can't be expected  to entertain our cats at all hours. Leave it up to us and our leashes. Your cat will see new environments like parks, trees, dogs, and trash. Or at least enjoy the novelty of a leash as they hiss at us. Have you ever wanted to watch a pet sitter wrangle your cat into a leash and look at you with pure disdain? Or wonder what happens when a cat joins a group walk of dogs?


Our doctors argue that 30 minutes of physical activity is important for us in our day to day lives. But what about Mister Cat? He (she) eats at least twice a day. And the most exercise you have them do is a walk from the litter box, to that warm spot by the window. We have to do better for feline folks. PetMd offers that cats should receive at least  10-20 minutes of play time per day. This is important for all cats regardless of age. However, younger cats and kittens need larger time segments. With our 15 minute , 30 minute and hourly walking sessions , we have your cat covered. "Have you ever thought "gee, how many scratches would my cat reward me with for making them go on a walk?"

Let's face it

On some level your cat is tired of you and your face. They are okay with you in small portions but everyday for 24 hours has really been pushing them. They need to see other people and taste other kinds of cat nips. Chase other invisible objects. What we are saying is that they need a break pronto. And unless you want that object that is not remotely close to the edge of the table/sink/bed to suddenly fall off said table/sink/bed, I think you know what needs to happen.

Why Bare Paws?

With 1+ outstanding Yelp reviews (Review us please). People have been trusting us since 2015 to walk their dogs. We are super well acquainted with the go-to spots outside of your home and in your home!

We can conduct walks both in and outside the home. We remain 6 feet from others and will make continuous quarantining for you easier. We will bring our own gloves, hand sanitizer, and leashes. We can also give you updates on how the world outside your block is doing.

After each visit completion, you will receive three photos on timetopet, detailed notes, a GPS notice with the route taken, and one roll of unused toilet paper.

Cat Walking Services Start April 1 2020. Get Ready! !

Until then, we offer indoor cat sitting services.

Which we have been Disclaimer: April fools. ^Cat sitting services are real. We do not and will not walk your cat. Please give us a yelp review. And stay safe.