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Private  Dog walking

And why choose it?

Private  dog walks are one on one walks between a  dog walker and your pup. If you have more than one dog, the walk will be between your dog walker and the pups in your home.  

Who needs it?
Our dog walker service is for pups that may not do well with or feel uncomfortable with other dogs. Younger dogs or puppies that are more interested playing with other dogs than walking. 
We forgot one more thing, a plus of private dog walking (dog walks) Elderly dogs that need a slower pace, they get enough time to do their business , exercise, and we can monitor them to make sure all is well.
Or  dogs that need to reinforcing any training you are working on. This is also a great option for dogs  that have anxiety and  or are fearful of specific stimuli. We already know  dog walking in NYC can be hectic , so please let us know if you have any concerns when we walk your dog!

How does it work?
Your dog walker visits in your time range. We require a minimum of two hour time ranges for all adult dogs, and 1 hour time ranges for dogs under 6 months old. If you are a puppy owner please check out our puppy sitting page .
Your dog walker will use keys either given to them by you or by a doorman and take your dog out while you are away. After the dog walk is completed you will receive notes and GPS check in and out.

Is it the same dog walker?
We provide the same walker Monday through Friday. We only use different walkers, if your walker is away on vacation or sick.

How do I start service?
First fill out our interest form here, and we will  contact you as soon as possible. Before we start service we require meets and greets of all new clients. Due to the & greets contactless via Zoom.  Our interest form is a little lengthy so "bare" with us!

Services & Rates

15 Minute Walk

30 Minute Walk

45 Minute Walk

60 Minute Walk

Per  Additional Dog

Need 3 or less walks per week? Add $2 per walk.

4 Walks Per Week or More


$17  (2 or more walks a day $15 per walk)