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Bare Paws Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Instructions for Dropping Keys at 1850 Amsterdam Ave

As you know before dropping or picking  up any keys please make sure to contact Bare Paws at (646)436-1687.

Please feel free to use this location to drop keys after meet and greets. Or to pick up after service is complete.

This is the after hour entrance, but can be used at any time. The only caveat is that you will have to contact us via Timetopet or by phone at (646)436-1687 so that we may buzz the door open for you. Just to make things quick for you , we ask that you confirm an arrival time with us before coming to our office.

Head down the hallway, and open the black door which will be straight ahead.

This is an open office and people are working here, so please be conscious and avoid disturbing anyone. 

Take the right at the corner.

You'll see these recycle bins, and if you look towards them you'll see out drop off desk!
Let us know if you have questions. Please refrain from asking questions to anyone there working (unless they are sitting at the Bare Paws desk of course)