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 Group Walks

And what is it?

Your pup will be walked with no more than 3 companions and often it is just 1 or 2. Your pup will never be alone or unattended. 

Who is this best for?
This is a great service for dogs that do very well with other dogs and dogs that may like to socialize. Dogs that live in dog friendly buildings and buildings without too many stairs. Pups that are well behaved, and know the difference between walk time  and playtime do well here.
Not for you? Try Private Dog Walks

How does it work?

Your walker comes  in your time range. We require a minimum of two hour time ranges for all  dogs.
Your walker will use keys either given to them by you or by a doorman and take your pup out while you are away. After the walk is completed you will receive notes and GPS check in and out.
When your walker has another dog with him or her we take that pup into the building with us, they are put outside of your front door with their leash over the inside door knob to prevent escape.

Services & Rates

15 Minute Walk
30 Minute Walk
45 Minute Walk
60 Minute Walk

Per additional dog (After 1st)

Three or less walks a week? Add $2 per walk

4 or More Walks Per Week

$15 (Best Offer)

Frequent Asked Questions?

Two or less walks a week? What does that mean?
If you are booking a dog walk 2 or less times a week, we add a $2 charge to the walk.To avoid, book a third walk.

How do I start service?
First fill out our interest form here (its the same link as the "Start Service" link above) and we will  contact you as soon as 
possible. Before we start service we require meets and greets of all new 
clients.  Our interest form is a little lengthy so "bare" with us!

This service is currently available in select areas within Manhattan. Please contact us for details.
If you have more questions check out our FAQ.

Do you require veterinarian forms?
If your dog is going to be in group walks consider visiting your veterinarian to make sure you are up to date on all shots.  We are affiliated now with Vetster an online Veterinarian practice.
Like with people dogs can pickup unwanted pathogens when with other dogs or even on private one on one walks. We do not require forms, but strongly suggest they be kept up to date. We are not liable for any ailments your dog picks up.

Is it the same walker every day?
We provide the same walker Monday through Friday. We only use different walkers, if your walker is away on vacation or sick. Some pups who require both morning and evening walks daily may have a different morning and evening walker.

Is the price guaranteed?
Excellent question. We do not charge any extras on any of our walks ,unless its a holiday, we have to give your pup medicine (medicine not placed in food or pill pockets), or you have more than one dog. We do not charge extra for morning, evening, or weekend visits.

What is your cancellation policy?
We know life happens, and we try to be flexible. Cancel two hours prior  to your walk window free of charge. For example if Fido's walk time range is 2-4 pm, you can cancel free of charge anytime before 12.

Will I get a group walk every time?
We do not guarantee the availability of group walks, but will attempt to walk your pup in a group each day Monday through Friday.  We keep a very flexible cancellation policy (2 hour policy see above).

What about evening visits?
When it comes to evenings, we may not be your best bet. Our evening walks typically are available only as late as 6 pm, but we do not charge anything extra for it.

How do I start service?

First fill out our interest form here, and we will  contact you as soon as possible.