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Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

Bare Paws Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

The Original (Non original)  Harlem Walkers

Finding a dog walker in Harlem has never been so easy!

Service Areas:
We proudly offer private  walks in East Harlem between 96th st through 125th st. Between 5th Ave to Pleasant Avenue. We are also offering limited but growing group walks!

We service West Harlem and Morningside. Contact us for availability.

Just some of Our Non original quirks:

1. No additional fees for weekend dog walks visits. Thats right , we know you need to get away from NYC sometimes and not everywhere is doggy friendly.

2.Cancel two  hours prior to walk time. You were so busy in late night traffic you forgot to tell your dog walker you were home the next day. So you quickly cancel at 8:00pm  the night before but its too late, your walker's policy is too charge. Oops. With our two hours cancellation policy. Simply submit a cancellation request by phone, email whatever works fastest for you at least 2 hours before your walk range. And  avoid any fees.

3. Walker satisfaction. Not happy with your walker? Let us know and you may get  a free walk, credit, dog treats or more.  We want you to feel comfortable with your walkers, and to alert us if it ever changes.

4. This one is East Harlem only. Every new East Harlem pup gets one free walk in addition to our preliminary meet & greet.

How does it work?

Your walker visits in your time range. We require a minimum of two hour time ranges for all adult dogs, and 1 hour time ranges for dogs under 9 months old. 
Your walker will use keys either given to them by you or by a doorman and take your pup out while you are away. After the walk is completed you will receive notes and GPS check in and out.

Is it the same walker?

We provide the same walker Monday through Friday. We only use different walkers, if your walker is away on vacation or sick.

How do I start service?

First fill out our interest form here, and we will  contact you as soon as possible. Before we start service we require meets and greets of all new clients.  Our interest form is a little lengthy so "bare" with us! At a meet and greet you meet us and we get to meet your pup!