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Meet Our Team

Staff Profiles

At our core our team is filled with animal lovers. Each team member selected has experience with dogs and cats prior to their time with Bare Paws. 

Briana "Violet" B.

Cat Owner
Dog Dreamer
Covered Areas: Back up visits only
Violet started Bare Paws after working as a professional dog walker and cat sitter in Manhattan for many years. Bare Paws was established officially in 2015, at that time it was just Violet walking alone in East Harlem. As word spread of her ability with pups and kitties, she had to take on additional help  to keep up with demand. With that Bare Paws was started.

Violet is always up for talking about kitties, and constantly dreams about getting a dog, but can never decide which breed. 



Chermaine J.

Dog Walker
Covered Areas:   Upper East Side

Chermaine is a singer and actress aspiring to make it in the city. When she's not walking dogs with us shes practicing her moves or auditioning!

Fabiana S.

Dog Walker
Covered Areas:
East Harlem

Fabiana is thankful for the opportunity to care for animals everyday. But when her days are over shes a stylist working to build her career and a mother.

Davon R.

Admin Dog Walker & Cat Sitter
Covered Areas: Lower East Side, Down Town Brooklyn

Davon has been professionally dog walking for over two years. He first started as a part-time dog walker. Since then his role has grown, you can fine Davon working  in our office, or out walking his many pups.

Bryn D.

Dog Walker & Cat Sitter
Covered Areas: Dogs: Upper East
Cats : Lower East Side
Bryn is a true pet lover. He believes in being empathetic to all animals, and understanding their needs. As a 20+ veteran to the city he's comfortable visiting your pet in all weathers.

Marie D.

Dog Walker Covered Areas:   Upper East Side & Midtown East

Moonlighting as a dog walker Monday to Friday. Marie's interest centralize in pets and the theatre. You can find her at any dog park close to a popular broadway play.

More Teammates!

Masters of paws!


Cat Sitter
Areas Covered: Lower East Side
Norah is a Lower East Side local, who has become the Aunty to numerous cats. But also a fan of french bull dogs.

Arlene C.

Cat Sitter
Areas Covered: Upper East Side
Arlene is the mother of Violet and taught her how to take care of animals. After recently retiring from her career, Arlene has joined the Bare Paws team as a cat sitter.

Nathaniel D.

Dog Walker
Areas Covered: Upper West Side, Morning Side, Upper Manhattan
Nathaniel is young and he knows it, as he prepares to start college in the upcoming semester. He is working to Bare Paws to see if he is suited for a future career with pets.

Sequana B.

Cat Sitter
Areas Covered:
Morningside, Upper West Side, Harlem
Mother of three cats and one human. Sequana is unapologetically a cat person. She'll take a bobcat over a french bull dog any day (Don't tell Norah).

Bare with us! As covid-19 has affected visitng areas for our Dog walkers and cat sitters.