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Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

Bare Paws Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

We are open!

As an essential business, we will be here to help you in all your cat sitting, private dog walks, group dog walks, puppy sitting, and dog sitting needs!

Safety  Our Top Concern

1. All Staffers are required to wear, face masks while in the home, visiting your pet, or walking your pet on the streets. At no time while they are working with us and providing any of our services are they allowed to not wear face masks.

2. Staffers, will sanitize and wash hands as soon as they enter your home if you are not present. If you are see  number 3 bellow.

3. We are minimizing any interaction time with other humans. We will announce 10 minutes prior to our arrival, if you are home, please have the dog leashed and handled.  We will use our personal sanitizers, we will knock, and take the leash from you.

4. If you are not home your walker, will sanitize the door handle and lightly wipe leashes after use. Should you be home when we visit we ask that you do the same to avoid any possible contact.

5. Meet & Greets, we are doing them still in person but you can opt for a virtual one. Simply mark it on our Start Today Form.

6. Staff are asked to self report if they are sick, staff still receive the typical pay even when sick so have little incentive to hide if they are sick.

7. Sleepovers and Long Stays. Please be ready to show us a negative Covid test result, additionally for your security  your chosen sitter can also take a C'[ovid test, but their will be a fee charged to you for their time at the clinic, and any co-pays.