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Our Puppy Sitting Service = Made for puppies !

We know that puppies need a different type of care from their older counterparts.  Generally our puppy care are for dogs under the ages of 6 months, who cannot go outside yet, or are just starting their first walks outside and have not quite gotten the hang of holding their bladders yet. It is also for puppy parent's who will need visits between 9am to 5pm, for other sitting services.

Our service helps:

  •  House Training 
 We can help  your puppy get acclimated to going outside or inside (on pee pads). We use positive rewards  including treats and praises when your puppy successfully uses the bathroom.
We also clean up  after your pup, if they have any accidents , like going in the crate or just missing the pad. We will clean up after them and put down a clean pad while we are at it!
  • Feedings
We know puppies have a range of dietary needs, we are happy to feed your puppy at any of our visits. Simply let us know the amount and directions for your feeding. After we finish feeding, we can work on more playtime (or walk time or poop time).
  • Reducing Puppy Energy
The third but not the least important. We can take your puppy out for their first walks as they are learning  to go outside. If your puppy doesn't have the necessary medications to meet other dogs, we can avoid interactions with other dogs. Or we can stay inside the entire time and play , play, play!
  • Flexibility
Each puppy is different , and this list is generally what we do for most puppies. If you need anything, extra feel free to contact us at (646)224-1155 or shoot us an email at


Indoor Only Puppy Sitting 1x Per Day

Indoor Only Puppy Sitting 2x Per Day
Puppy Walk (Private) 1x Per Day
Puppy Walk (Private) 2x Per Day

$ 28.00 (for two visits)
$30 (for two visits)

If you are looking for group walks, please visit here. And please note, we will require your puppy has up to date vaccines.