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Bare Paws Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

We are a cat sitters, pet sitters and dog walkers and pet sitters service that provides dog walking  in NYC. Pet sitting & Cat Sitting services are available for cats and dogs in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens.

Service Areas:

New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, South Bronx , Tribeca, Chelsea, Midtown, East Village, West Village, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, East Side , Harlem, Union Square,  Morningside, Astoria, Long Island City,Brooklyn Heights, Bed -Stuy, Williamsburg, Park Slope, and more! For a more specific break down, check this out!

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Cat Sitting & Pet Sitting

We hang out with your cat or dog while you are busy. We give your pet  , cuddles, play time, and we handle clean duty of your pets. Your pet will be matched with a caring pet sitter or cat sitter located near your home.

Puppy Sitting

Just brought home a new puppy, and need visits while you are at work? We can check in on your puppy Monday to Friday  as many times during the day as necessary. And will help with house training, feeding, and keeping their energy in check through out the day.

Dog Walks

Worried that your pup may be lonely at home, or looking for him/her to get some extra exercise? Let our great dog walkers take her or him for the walk of a life time.


What makes us better?

GPS Technology and Photos

Tracking, Updates, Notes and More!

Receive notifications by email after your dog/cat's service is  complete. You will receive photos of your cat or dog, notes. So you never need wonder what your pet was up to. Dog owners will receive the route that their walker has taken as well as notification of any doggy business done while on the walk.

Schedule Your Service Online

Hassle-free pet service scheduling!

Something unplanned comes up? Coming home late from work and someone needs to walk or feed your pet? All clients receive their own login account where they can schedule pet service appointments from their phones or computers. We can approve of an appointment quickly and easily. Removing the hassle, of waiting for responses. And best of all get to your pet fast.

Check out more of our quirks!

Insured and Bonded

We have an extensive insurance policy. Covering  your pets, property, and keys. 
Or any other bumps that may happen at our fault in your home.

No minimum Walks

Need a walk only once in a while? We let you pick and choose when you need walks.  Simply use our online portal to book and schedule walks at your convenience  (Introvert approved) Walks are subject to walker's availability.

No minimum cat Visits

We have no requirement on the number of cat visits necessary, you know your cat best. We are here to help them feel comfortable when your out of town!
Same  Person Every Time-Dog walks

Your pet will receive the same Pet sitter/dog walker every time Monday through Friday. It will allow your pet the luxury of bonding with one person. This is especially great for pets that get nervous when with new people. 

Backups- So your pet is always taken care of!

Emergencies can happen, so in the rare event that your dog walker or pet sitter is unavailable you will be provided a backup walker or sitter. 

 Flexible Cancellation on Dog walks & Cat Sits

Life happens, you can cancel your service. Provided cancellations are done at least two hours before scheduled service window. For example , that means if your walk window is between 10 am to 12:00 pm you can cancel free of charge by 8 am.