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Cat Services in NYC

Cat Sleepover

We stay in your home and give kitty attention while you are away from home for an entire night. Your cat will receive tons of attention, play time, and petting time. Medication can be given complimentary. Breakfast and dinner included.

Starting at. $75 per night (discounts available for stays over 3 days long)

Day Time Cat Watcher

Care for your kitty during the daytime. We give your kitty attention throughout the day. You will receive at least 4-5 30 minute check-ins per day. That's plenty of social time for your kitty.

Starting at $85 per day (discounts available for stays over 3 days long)

Interested? In our service? Read on!

Our process is simple.

Step 1: Fill out our New Client Form

We have a basic form that you can find here or by clicking on the "Start Today" tab bellow.
Please look out for an email reply from Bare Paws. Depending on the time of day it can take us a few hours to get back to you (we are out visiting other kitties). The email will be confirming your inquiry for service.
If you are an old client looking for cat services in NYC, please email [email protected].

Step 2: Creating your Client account & Booking appointments

You will receive a link via email prompting you to create your client account. Afterwards go on to book your pet sitting appointments, or contact us and we will be happy to book it for you. Make sure to provide notes on instructions on providing the perfect care for your cat.

Step 3: Meet your cat sitter

Now for the best part, we get to meet your kitty! For the time being, we are doing cat sitter, cat services in NYC and cat watcher meet & greet online on Zoom to protect you and our cat sitters!


Typically Asked Questions?

For cat sitting, cat watchers and other cat services we visit all of Manhattan. In Brooklyn, we visit  Red Hook, Caroll Gardens, Gowanus, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. We also visit South Bronx. In Queens, we visit Long Island City, Roosevelt Island and parts of Astoria.

We use time ranges. We do not promise specific arrival times. For example, if you need a cat sitter to visit your cat in the morning at  9:00 am. You can set the time range to be 8-10 am, 9-11 am,  or 7-9 am.  And your cat sitter will arrive during that time range. A cat sitter may arrive at 10:00 am and be within the 8-10 am range as well. 


If a specific time range is not selected we will generally place your pet in 1 of 5 ranges.

Early Morning 6- 9 am

General Morning  6-11 am

General Afternoon 11 am -4 pm

Evening 4 pm – 11 pm

Flexible Time  any time between 6 am- 11 pm

We will charge the whole fee for the cat service if the service is not cancelled two hours prior to the service range time. For example, if a cat service time window is  12 pm – 2 pm the service should be cancelled by 9:00 am.


If you are cancelling during a time Bare Paws is closed, please in addition to requesting a cancellation thru the time to pet system. Send a message in Timetopet so your cat sitter may see it before arriving at your home in the morning.

For general cat sitting inquiries. Please email us at [email protected] or inquire here . You can also call or text us at (646) 436-1687 during business hours 10am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 5pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. If we do not answer we are most likely  all out taking care of our pets.

If you do have a scheduled cat sitter, please feel free to message them via our app Timetopet. Please do not message cat sitters via text messages, or by calling them on their phones.  This is for three reasons. First, the privacy of our cat sitters, imagine having to take business calls in your off hours! And second, we directly control the scheduling of our cat sitters. Our cat sitters are employees and  do not control their own schedules instead we create them on a weekly basis. A cat sitter cannot confirm with you their availability because they do not know it yet.
Third, if you ask your cat sitter to do anything special such as take your cat to a vet or pick up some food from a certain store.  We will not be able to remind your cat sitter or provide any reimbursement for any activity asked without our knowledge. 

A good cat sitter should always have a back up plan. Our staff is extremely dependable but they are all human as much as we do try to minimize keys being lost sometimes we do misplace them. In other cases, your cat sitter may have an emergency. In both situations, a backup key would enable us to visit your cat in any situation.


Bare Paws will not cover any damage caused by us not being able to access your pet or property should you only provide us with one key and with no ability to obtain another.


In addition, we will not take any clients that require insulin/medication that only provides one copy of keys.

Speak with you landlord or super to see if they have a spare key that can be used should something happen to our copy. You can provide us with the contact information of a landlord, super, friend or family member with a key. We simply ask for a way to access a second copy, in case of a failing of the first.

We understand that most cat sitting happen on the weekends and after hours. There are no additional charges for any cat sitting services booked on weekends or anytime before midnight. 

For holidays we do  charge for most major holidays $8. We do charge for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. Generally, we charge a fee of $12 in addition to the service fee find out more here.

We are insured and bonded. We cover any damaged property caused by us, medical expenses caused by us to your pet, and cover any lost keys (please see above “Why do you need two copies of keys?”

Unlike most cat services we do not charge you any additional fee for a veterinarian emergency. We do charge for any transportation the sitter may have to take to get your pet to the emergency room. We do not charge for the individual sitter’s time in reaching to the emergency room or staying with your pet. We are here for your pet first.


At the time of the emergency we will contact you, should you not answer we will call your secondary contact, and finally your emergency contact for instructions on how to proceed. It’s important this is outlined early as should we not be able to reach you. Your secondary contact or emergency contact will be expected to be willing to give veterinarian advice and pay veterinarian fees.

Should we be unable to contact you or a contact? We will use our best judgement. Your pet will be taken to the veterinarian on file. Should your veterinarian be closed we will take them to an emergency care facility. Your card will be billed for the expenses incurred at the veterinarian. Unless it is caused directly by Bare Paws in which we will handle all fees including the cat sitter’s transportation.

If we are your first cat sitters thanks for choosing us! If you have used another company and are trying us today thanks as well!

We find that most issues come in lack of communication. Even if you expect the cat sitter to find everything in your home easily , please leave notes. Each cat sitter has owned cats and each of us take care of our cats a little differently from you. 

Make sure to give detailed notes on our app software. Here are some great details to leave:


Feeding Instructions

Cat Hiding spots!

Where to dispose of cat waste

All litter box locations

Cleaning supply locations

Details about the second key if not left with Bare Paws

Always feel free to message us on the app or to call Bare Paws at (646)224-1155 between 10am to 7pm.

Yes, however our main responsibility is to care for your pets. We accept no liability in case of damaged or loss mail. Or any withered or damaged plants.