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Cat Baths in NYC

Cat Services / Cat Bath / Cat Grooming Brooklyn

Cat Grooming Brooklyn

Why Bare Paws?

We provide Cat Baths in NYC. With 2+ outstanding Yelp reviews (Review us please). People have been trusting us since 2020 to walk their cats.  And since 2015 to sit their cats, we have already seen numerous amounts of cat bathing, and are experts on watching for its signs by now.

Ever felt like you doubted thousands of years of evolution? And wanted to make sure your cat was actually really clean? Well look no further than our service. We use organic, natural, hypoallergenic , fragrance-free, soap-less and water-free materials! Let our expert team come in and monitor your cat’s beautiful , unique, spectacular normal cleaning cycle.

Our teammates. All carry:

  • Note boards to keep track of places your cat has licked clean. 
  • Small but extremely high-frequency megaphones that only cats can hear, scientifically urges them to clean more. 
  • And Polaroid photos so we can leave you copies of this momentous occasion. Let’s help your cat clean soon! Book now!

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Cat Sits services are real. Please give us a Yelp review, hoping to hit 3 reviews this year. And stay safe!