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Bare Paws Policies

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Bare Paws Policies

Pet Sitting /Dog Walking

  •  We do not force clients to schedule checkups for cats or dogs every day while they are away. Bare Paws is not liable for anything that may happen in your home between pet sitting, cat sitting, dog sitting, or dog walking sessions while you are away.
  •  We are not liable to replace damaged furniture, articles, bedding, personal items, and etc. That is damaged by any pets. Our policy covers only damages caused directly by the sitter/walker. We are not liable for the health of any plants or fish.
  •  Dogs that show signs of aggression to their walkers during a walk that are found threatening by said walker, may cause cancellation and the cease of all future walks without warning.
  • When booking less than 4 visits a week of dog walks , 30 minute check ins for dogs or puppies. We charge$ 5 for each walk that’s under 4 visits a week.


  • Invoices will be sent on Monday at noon. And your payment method will be billed automatically at 5pm.  Clients are free to leave checks or cash as well but should let Bare Paws know. Recurring dog walking clients, and recurring cat sitting clients reserve the right to remove their cards from auto billing.
  • We bill after services are rendered on Mondays. If services are scheduled hypothetically from Sunday to Wednesday of a given week. Clients would not be billed for those dates until the following Monday.
  • Bare Paws reserves the right to bill again, if clients scheduled visits change during the week.  Such in the cases where a client had more private walks than group walks per week. Invoices are generally fixed by Saturday at noon (the last billable day of the week).
  •  We reserve the right to split invoices and divide payments. And may do so for newer clients.
  • A $7 late fee is added each week after an invoice is due. Clients accept all court fees if brought to court to collect an unpaid invoice.


  • We require two sets of keys from all clients.  Keys can be left with doormen as well provided two copies are left. If one set is provided and the sitter loses, misplaces keys. We will try to obtain keys from an emergency contact. If no emergency contact is given or the emergency contact is not available. We will contact the client but are not liable for any key replacement, lock replacement or any other key issues.
  •  Clients must make sure keys are in working order. If a sitter cannot access your home, because the keys are incorrect. You will be charged the full pet sitting, cat sitting or dog walking appointment.
  • We are not liable if a key is misplaced by a doorman. Or if keys are inaccessible due to a lockbox provided by client.


  •  Refunds & Cancellations. 30 Minute, 1 Hour Pet Sits and dog walks can be canceled by 7 pm the night prior to the visit  for free. If a visit is cancelled on the day but more than two hours prior to the visit time, there is a $7 fee.After that point, you will be charged the entire service.
  •  Overnight Care must be canceled 48 hours prior. Cancellations after may be accessed a fee of 50% to 100%. Visits that are booked for a week or more must notify Bare Paws 1-3 weeks prior.

Emergency Care

  • Emergency care, if we take your pet to the vet, due to medical conditions caused outside of our care. You will be 100% financially responsible.