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Benefits of Hiring the Best Dog Walker in NYC

The Benefits of Hiring the Best Dog Walker in NYC are, that they will become your friend quickly and bring a lot of joy, but it is a huge responsibility. Dogs also have many needs to be fulfilled to make them happy and healthy.

Stimulation is a well-known necessity when it comes to owning a dog. Which comes in the form of walking. Most of you don’t have time for this as you are already living on a busy schedule and you can’t give proper time to your dog. Hiring a dog walker can provide amazing benefits for your Dog.  Not only do they take care of your dog’s daily walk but they can also provide additional services like feeding, watering, and playing with your dog.

One of the best things about hiring a dog walker is that they can provide your pet with much-needed exercise. If you are not at your home during the day, your dog may become bored and restless. Dogs are social creatures and they need interaction with other dogs and people too.

A Dog Walker is more affordable than a dog sitter or daycare. A Dog Walker charges by hours and it depends on the breed of dog and the age of the dog.

How much does it cost to hire a dog walker?

It varies depending on the frequency and duration of the walks and the number of dogs. Fourbarepaws.com provides the Best Dog Walker in NYC. 

Benefits of Hiring a dog walker 

You can relax 

People with busy lives want some relaxation time for themselves, and they don’t have sufficient time for a dog walk. Instead of choosing one of these, save yourself from the stress by hiring a Dog Walker. They will manage all these, so you don’t need to compromise your busy schedule. And you can enjoy your dog’s company on your days off.

Promotes Health and exercise

Dogs need exercise in order to remain healthy and happy. A poor diet and lack of exercise can be the main concern for Obesity among pets. A regular walk for your pet can help your pet’s health.

Health Benefits of Dog Walking:

– Lower blood pressure

– Decrease stress

– Weight control

– Cardiovascular fitness

– Strong muscles and bones

Helps your dog stay in shape

If your pet is Overweight, it must not be healthy. Just like people, extra weight on a Dog leads to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, cancer, and decreased length of life. Only walking can help dogs prevent these diseases. So, if you don’t have time for your dog, please consider hiring a dog walker.


Most of the dogs are friendly to humans and dogs, but the connection will get stronger when they will meet them regularly. The more dogs will walk, their senses will become stronger If your dog loves to walk with humans then a normal walk is good for them but if they love other dogs’ company and then set up a meet-up with other dogs also.

How to get an appointment with us

– Open the website and go to ‘Schedule a Meet and Greet ‘ then an interface will open.


– Fill out the form where you have to mention your name, address, phone no, and Email id. 

– Then you have to choose the service you want ( including Private Dog walks, and Puppy Sitting).


– Then you have to submit the form.

About fourbarepaws.com

Fourbarepaws.com is the Best Pet Sitting & Dog walker service in NYC. Established in 2015 and served more than  300 pets in NYC. They even provide virtual meet and greet. 


Fourbarepaws.com provides walkers according to your time range. It takes a minimum of 2 hours for adult dogs and 1 hour for dogs below 6 months. All you need to do is to fill out your form here, and wait for it to revert.


GPS technology, tracking, photos, and updates make fourbarepaws.com  The Best Dog walker in NYC. You can easily schedule your service online.

Service Areas

– New york city

– Brooklyn

– Manhattan

– Queens

– South Bronx

– Tribeca

– Chelsea

– Midtown

– East and West Village

– Upper West and East side

– Harlem

– Union Square

– Morningside

– Astoria

– Long Island City 

– Brooklyn heights

– Bed study

– Williamsburg

– Park slope

Some Frequent Questions 

Is having a dog walker a good idea?

You are busy at work and not able to give proper time to your dog and you feel guilty for it, a dog walker can help in this. Now you can work being tension free without getting worried. You can go to parties and events without any worry for your Dog.

Why is a dog walking job so important?

There are so many Health benefits of being a Dog walker. In this era being healthy is so important and becoming a Dog Walker is a good source of being Healthy. And if you are a person who enjoys outside a lot then this job is for you.