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Best Cat sitters in NYC

Are you looking for the Best Cat sitters in NYC? Four Bare Paws provides the Best Cat sitting service in NYC. 

When you pay someone to look after your cat in your own house while you’re away, this is known as cat sitting. Every day, a reliable cat sitter will visit and care for your cat.

What do we offer?

We are the Best Cat sitters in NYC and we offer the following services –

Cat Sitting for 30 Minutes

This is a 30-minute rapid checkup. 

$24 Per Visit


What is included?

One of our cat sitters will come in and clean the litter box, provide fresh water, and food for the cat. In addition, there will be some social and recreational time. After the service, your cat sitter notifies you with notes and photos of your kitties.

Cat Sitting for One Hour

One of our cat sitters will stay with your cat on an hourly basis while you are away from home.

$32 Per Visit

What is included ?

We will supply fresh water and feed your kitty. We will provide your kitty with a lot of social time. With the extra time, we can spend more time cleaning up after your cat. We inspect around the house for any signs of illness, dusty litter, or waste and clean it up. This is a great if your little one(s) we require more attention. 

Benefits of hiring our Cat sitters

The following are some of the benefits of hiring the Best Cat sitters in NYC –

Our cat sitters are dedicated to their work and to providing exceptional care for your cat and your home. Our cat sitters have undertaken training to protect the safety of your home and your beloved pet.

Cats require frequent human interaction and mental stimulation , can you imagine not seeing anyone for days on end! Cats are curious creatures who frequently find themselves in confusing situations, we can check on your little one’s safety. Our cat sitters excel at keeping them cognitively active. They are well-versed in all of your cat’s favorite games and activities.

Every cat that our cat sitters look after is equally important. They may look after a lot of cats, but they know each one by name and what they like to eat! They take your cat’s care and well-being as seriously as you do. Book an appointment today.

So what do our cat sitters do?

Some of the tasks performed by our cat sitters are as follows:


They give your cat the right amount of food at the right time and fill water dishes with fresh water from your selected source


Our cat sitters scoop litter boxes and replace litter as needed, and throw litter bags in a garbage can outside.


They will socialize with your cat through the following activities – playtime with your cat’s favourite toy, grooming, stroking, lap sitting, or any other activity that your cat enjoys engaging in.


Our cat sitters will send daily visit updates to you via text, email, or phone, detailing how things went during the visit.