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Best Pet Sitters in NYC

If you’re searching for the Best Pet Sitters in NYC, you don’t have to look much further. Four Bare Paws provides the Best Pet Sitting Services in NYC. We offer services such as Puppy Sitting and Cat Sitting.

You’ve probably explored various pet-care options if work or travel keeps you away from your pets. If you want your pet to stay at home while you’re travelling or are away from home, pet sitting is a great choice. Pet sitting is the act of caring for a pet while its owner is away. Pet owners are increasingly hiring professional pet sitters because of the numerous advantages of in-home pet care services.

What do we offer?

We are the Best Pet sitters in NYC and we offer the following services –

Puppy Sitting

We understand that puppies require different care than their adult counterparts. Generally, our puppy sitting service is for puppies under the age of six months who are unable to go outdoors or who are just beginning their first walks outside and have not yet mastered the art of bladder control. Our dog sitters and puppy walkers are ideal for people who require regular check-ins while they are at work.

Cat Sitting

We offer two types of Cat Sitting services –

30 Minute Cat Sitting

This is a 30-minute quick checkup. One of our cat sitters will come in and clean the litter box, provide fresh water, and food for the cat throughout this session. There will also be some social and leisure activities. Your cat sitter updates you with notes and pictures of your cats after the service.



One Hour Cat Sitting

One of our cat sitters will stay with your cat on an hourly basis while you are away from home.

Because we perform complete litter box change, litter must be provided. We will provide fresh water and food for your cat. We will give your cat plenty of opportunities to socialize. With the extra time, we can spend it cleaning up after your cat. We look for any symptoms of disease, dusty litter, or waste around the house and clean it up.

What are the benefits of hiring a pet sitter?

Following are some of the benefits of hiring a Pet sitter –

The pet stays at home in a safe and secure atmosphere

He/ She is being surrounded by sights, scents, and noises that are familiar

They follow their normal food and exercise schedule.

Your pet will receive love and attention on a personal basis

When you hire a pet sitter, he/she will ensure that your pet receives medical care when needed

Your pet will no longer be stressed by travel or being in an unfamiliar place.

A pet sitter will assist in the maintenance of good health of your pet

Why should you hire our pet sitters?

Some of the reasons why you should hire the Best Pet sitters in NYC are as follows –

We have a comprehensive insurance policy. Pets, property, and keys are all covered. Or any other problems that may occur in your home due to our negligence.

Every Monday through Friday, your pet will have the same pet sitter/dog walker. It will provide your pet the opportunity to bond with just one person. This is especially beneficial for pets who are frightened around strangers.

We can also take your pet for a walk once in a while if you want. We give you the freedom to choose when you need walks for your pet.

Emergencies do occur, so if your dog walker or pet sitter is unavailable, you will be assigned a backup walker or sitter.

We provide flexible cancellation on our services. All you need to do is cancel the appointment at least two hours before the scheduled service window.