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Why Choose Four Bare Paws as the Best Cat Sitters in NYC?

Are you searching for the Best Cat Sitters in NYC? You are then on the exact place. Four Bare Paws is a small dog walking, pet sitting and cat sitting company currently serving 4 boroughs in NYC. It was established in 2015 and has served around 300 pets till now in NYC. We really work hard to provide personal and professional care for all the four-legged animals in NYC.

Cat sitting

30-Minute Cat Sitting

30-Minute Cat Sitting includes a quick checkup which is 30 minutes long. One of our staff or cat sitter will visit your place and change the cats litter give fresh water and food to the cat. In addition will be a little social to the cat and will have a play time with cat. Cat sitter notifies you after the service is completed with all the notes and pictures of your cat.


The rates of 30-Minutes Cat Sitting are $23. It means that $23 is charged for 30 minutes of cat sitting. In this 30-minute cat sitting includes no fee for walk up within six flights of stairs or less, no additional weekend fees, the cat sitters are available even on the New Year’s, Christmas and holidays also free medication includes insulin, pill pockets, pills dispensed in food, oral and ear medicines. This type of service is perfect for the cats who are very self-sufficient. This service may not be good if your cat needs insulin and eat food slowly or is shy of frightened of strangers.

One Hour Cat Sitting

One Hour Cat Sitting include our cat sitter staying with your cat while you are away from home on early basis. This one-hour cat sitting includes complete litter box change and we will feed your cat and provide fresh water. In this one-hour cat sitting lots of social time with your cat is provided by our cat sitter and the extra time left is spent on cleaning your kitty, checking around the home for any signs of sickness, dusty or any waste and clean up.


The cost of One Hour Cat Sitting is $30. That means $30 per hour is charged for cat sitting. Now this includes free second and third cat. After third cat $4 fee is charged. It even provides free medication which includes insulin, pill pockets, pills dispensed in food, oral and ear medicines. No fee is charged for minor holidays like Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day and July 4th. Cats who get lonely easily are perfect for this type of sitting. Kittens that need extra play time are perfect for this type of sitting and the cats who are a bit messy and need extra time for cleanup are also for this sitting. Also, slow eating cats a perfect for this type of sitting.

Areas Served By Us

New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, South Bronx, Tribeca, Chelsea, Midtown, East Village, West Village, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, East Side, Harlem, Union Square, Morningside, Astoria, Long Island City, Brooklyn Heights, Bed -Stuy, Williamsburg, Park Slope, and more!

Other Services Provided By Us

Other services offered by Four Bare Paws (Best Cat Sitters in NYC) are:

– Dog walks

– Puppy sitting

– Group walks

Dog Walks

Dog Walking Service are the walks between a dog walker and your puppy. This service is specially for the pups who are not comfortable with other dogs and the younger dogs or puppies that are more interested in playing with other dogs than walking need dog walks.

15 minute walk costs $13 for four or more walks per week. 30 minutes’ walk costs $18 for four or more walks per week 45 minutes’ walk cost $23 for four or more walks per week 60-minute walk costs $28 for four or more walks per week for additional dog costs three dollars for four or more walks per week whereas 3 or less walks per week cost two dollars for a walk.

Puppy Sitting

Our Puppy Sitting Service is generally for the dogs under the age of six months who cannot go outside and just started their walking. We even know that your puppies need a different type of care as compared to others. Our service help includes house training, feedings, play time, flexibility.

The rates or the service rates for indoor only puppy sitting one times a day is $17. Indoor only puppy sitting two times per day is $30, puppy walk which is private one time a day is $17 whereas puppy walk private two times a day is $30.

Group Walk

Now Group Walk includes walk of the pups with 1 or just 2 other dogs for companion and sometimes 3 but not more than that. We make sure that your pup will never be alone or unattended.

Our Policies

We are not responsible for any sort of damage caused to your furniture, articles, bedding, personal items which are damaged by your pets. We are only responsible for the damaged caused by the sitter/walker.


Dogs or Pets who are aggressive to their walkers or sitters will cause cancellation of all the future bookings without any hesitation.


We require two set of keys from the client so that no problem is faced by the sitter or a walker while visiting your place.