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Why Choose Four Bare Paws for Best Professional Dog Services in NYC?

For Professional Dog Services in NYC, Four Bare Paws is the best place. We are Cat sitters, Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in NYC. We are available for all the Professional Dog Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens. We are small Dog Walking, Pet Sitting company working and servicing four different boroughs throughout NYC. We established in 2015 and have serviced over 300 pets in NYC. At Four Bare Paws, you get the most effective services. We at our organization hire only the best and the experienced dog walkers. Each worker is highly trained in behavior, health and safety. Our walkers are full time employees.

Dog Services Offered By Us

Dog Walks
Puppy Sitting
Group Walks
Upper East Side Dog Walker
Morningside Height Walk
Harlem Dog Walk


Dog Walker Service is needed by the dogs or the pups who are not comfortable with other dogs. Young dogs or pups that are more interested playing with other dogs than walking. The dog walker visits your place on time and takes your dog for a good walk. We require a minimum of two-hour time for all adult dogs and one hour time for dogs under six months. The same dog walker is provided from Monday to Friday so that the dog does not feel uncomfortable with the new person.


We all know that puppies need a different type of care and thereby we provide your puppies the care they need. The Puppy Sitting Service are for dogs under the age of six months who cannot go outside and are just starting their first walk outside. Our Puppy Sitting Service helps your pup in house training, feedings, playtime and flexibility.


House training helps your pup to know where to pee or poop.


Feeding helps your puppy to know the eating habits or the eating way.


Play time is generally done to reduce your puppy’s energy and make him or her enjoy.


In group dog walks your dog will be walking with two or three more companions but not more than that. Often, it is just one or two. We always make sure that your dog is never alone or unattended. This service is great for those who like to socialize a lot with other dogs. Dogs who are more friendly will be comfortable with this type of service.

Areas Where Services Are Offered

The Four Bare Paws provides Professional Dog Services in NYC in the areas like New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, South Bronx, Tribeca, Chelsea, Midtown, East Village, West village, Upper West side, Upper East Side, East Side, Harlem, Union Square, Morningside, Astoria, Long Island City, Brooklyn Heights, Bed-stuy ,Williamsburg , Park Slope and more.