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What makes Four Bare Paws the Best Puppy Sitters in NYC?

Four Bare Paws are the Best Puppy Sitters in NYC since 2015. We have serviced over 300 pets in NYC and we are a small Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Cat Sitting company throughout NYC. If you got a new puppy at your place and you cannot leave your work at the same time so we Four Bare Paws are there to help you and your puppies. We can help you and your puppy from Monday to Friday and at times when you are not present to look after your pup. Your puppies will get the house training, feeding and keeping their energy in check throughout the day. The Bare Paws provide services in the areas like New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, South Bronx, Tribeca, Chelsea, Midtown, East Village, West village, Upper West side, Upper East Side, East Side, Harlem, Union Square, Morningside, Astoria, Long Island City, Brooklyn Heights, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg , Park Slope and more. We are not only the Best Puppy Sitters in NYC but also the Cat Sitters, Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.

Four Bare Paws Policies

The policy states that we do not push our clients to schedule regular checkups for dogs while they are away. We are not responsible for anything that happens at your place between Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting or Dog Walking sessions while you are not at your place.


We are not responsible to replace your damaged furniture, articles, personal items which are purely damaged by pets. Our policy covers only the damages caused directly by the sitter or walker.


If your dog or puppy shows any sign of aggression to the sitter or walker then it may be a reason of cancellation of all the future walks with your pet.


We know that your puppy needs a lot of care, love and support when you are not at your place. We only hire sitters or walkers who are really professionals and are highly experienced so that your pet gets the best treatment and behavior you want for your puppy. We promise to look after your pet or puppy in your absence in the best possible way.

Various plans for Pet Sitting that are only for dogs in your home

We charge $28 per hour which includes walk time of around 15 minutes and also feed, play and keep your puppy in a company.


The next plan is 30-minute check in for $17. This includes a quick check up in your home for your puppies also very short walks needed by your puppy is recommended.


The daytime care costs around $65 $205 per day which includes 10 hour shifts in which the sitter will visit your place at 9 AM and will leave at 7 PM in the evening. This type of plan is best for the families who are away from their pets the whole day and return in the evening.


Overnight care costs $65 per night in which the sitter comes in the evening around 7 PM and gives your puppy an evening walk and dinner. In the morning your puppy or dog will receive a morning walk and a breakfast before the sitter leaves.


24-hour care costs around $85 to 125 $ for 24 hours which includes everything in daytime and at night. It is best suited for the clients who are not present at their place for few days.